Become an Official Sponsor

We want to encourage businesses, faith communities, and civic groups to become official sponsors of the Fun Fest Stop Hunger Now Event.
For more information about becoming an event sponsor please contact of event coordinator Karen Dale by clicking here

Level 1 Key Sponsor: $10,000 or more
You name will become the first name mentioned as THE key sponsor of the event.  All communications with media both television and print will mention you as the primary sponsor of the event.  i.e. The Fun Fest Stop Hunger Now event sponsored by your name  Your logo will displayed prominently on all materials handed out at the event as well as specific thanks given to you in all volunteer training sessions.  Your logo will become the main logo used on the webpage and in all future communications.

Level 2 Sponsor: $5,800 (20,000 meals)
Your name is listed as Sponsor.  You business name and logo will be printed on all materials distributed for this event where you will be listed as a title sponsor. Your name and logo will be prominently displayed on the on-site event banners as well as being continuously mentioned in all media and print communication as a title sponsor. 

Level 3 Partner: $1,450 (5,000 meals) and 100 volunteer hours before, during, or after the event
Your name and/or logo will be displayed on the event banners and on our facebook page as a partner.

Level 4 Patron: $290 (1,000 meals)
Your name and/or logo will be displayed on our facebook page.

Level 5 Contributor: $29 (100 meals)